Someone call the guards!
Help! Anyone!

Oh bollocks! Help!






Guards! A body!
Ah!!! Guards! Murder! Murder!

What's this then? Someone's hurt.
Oi… You alright?

Och… My head. Wot happened?
Did someone hit me?

Are you injured? What happened?
Come on now. Take 'er easy.

Bloody rats in the walls.

Why am I so jumpy?
N-nothing I guess.

Wasn't nothing. Late nights… Making me see things.

Wotcha want now? More grub?... Hello?

What's this? How did this happen?

Eh? Someone over there?

Here now. What's the big idea?

What's that shadow there?

Enough mucking about! Who's there?

Whoever did this… You'd best show yourself now! I'll call the guards!

Is someone there?

I've had it! Any more funny business and the guards'll here about it!

I saw you. Come on now. S-stop having one on!

Call the Watch!
Get help!

We must be under attack!
What going on tonight?

(freak-out) Ahhhhh!

That weren't the pipes acting up…

What's going on here?

What's that?
(suspicious grunt)

Wha- Who turned out the lights?

How did this get open?

Who's up there?

Anyone down there?


Not a bloody rat in here!?

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