• I have noticed some oddities with this mission - in comparison to the others. First is that loading a savegame inside the mission seems to be working against me. This mission is relatively easy IF I do not load at all during the whole mission. For example: the guard in the wine cellar seems to be stuck and gaze at the barrel in the corner indefintely once I enter the vault... on loading - he starts patrolling, which delays me a lot during escape. Also during the escape the servant finishes his walk facing the door, so it is possible to sneak behind him and leave through the bathroom window - this I found important to finish the mission without raising any suspicions. Once I load... he turns back and faces the staircase instead and that's it, he will stay like that. I found this behavior consistent though my runs... am I getting paranoid... or there is something fishy with this mission?

    Another oddity is that whenever I enter the vault, the guard outside turns yellow immediatelly, even if he is not yet even INSIDE the wine cellar, he is still coming down the staircase, the lights are turned off and the wine cellar door is closed. (It is possible to outrun him without problems... if I do not load.) Is this something intended? Strangely it does not add to the suspicion counter and does not ruin the "remain undetected" goal either. He also never enters the vault, even if the door is open... so I stopped even trying to avoid him.

    There are some visual glitches... like the pipes are hanging in the air near the thighs of the guards, but this does not affect gameplay.

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