Throvia is a land somewhere near The City. It is the location of the Embersage plant, which is used to extract Embersage Oil.

Throvian wine is exported to The City. Blackport bottled in Summersday y808 was produced in Throvia, Cyric and Bohn by Wyder of the Vine. This was also the original home of Lizotte the painter.

Cyric and Bohn appear to be cities within Throvia (or may have even become one city Cyric Bohn).

On the shores of the Throvian Mainland are the Throvian sea forts that guard the nation. There is generally calm water near the shore. The Shoals pose a risk to ships, and mermaids are said to live there.[1]


  • The name of this region is from the original Thief series. Throvia was an exporter of summer wine and the birthplace of a painter named Lizotte.
  • An image from Throvia possibly the city of Cyric Bohn is shown on the bottles of Blackport.

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