Thief review roundup

Eidos Montreal's Thief reboot snuck its way into living rooms this week. Did it manage to steal the hearts and minds of critics by staying true to its heritage or has the light of day exposed it as a flop?

Check out the critical response below and let us know your thoughts in the comments section!

Liked It

Game Informer


"Locked behind this old-school game design is a gem that stealth fans should eye up for their collection."

Digital Spy.


"While the game does have its faults - particularly falling apart when Garrett is spotted - Thief excels in the shadows as a pure stealth title, becoming increasingly enjoyable as your skills improve."

Thought It Was Okay



"Despite my disappointment with Thief’s setting and story, I did enjoy my time with it. Sneaking about, pickpocketing guards, picking locks, and finding new ways to infiltrate a building are as satisfying as ever, and the game looks and sounds great (despite some janky audio mixing). As a longtime fan of the series, I want to believe a spot exists for Garrett in the current stealth-action genre he helped create. And if one doesn’t? Well, he’ll probably just wind up stealing one anyway."

Official Playstation Magazine


"Let these shortcomings slide and there’s still pleasure to be had skulking around the City and being swept up in moments of both scripted and spontaneous excellence, but Thief’s stripped-back gameplay and dumb AI leave it in the shadows where it’ll be neither reviled nor remembered. Neither the disaster some anticipated nor a reinvigorated reboot akin to Deus Ex: HR. Thief is worth it for the setting and hardcore stealth, but it’s marred by some poor AI and passive gameplay."

Hated It



"Ten years in the making, then, have not been kind to Thief. It’s a Frankengame, stitched together from the bits of other games that made attempts at sneaking-em-up in its decade of development hell. Dishonored is victim to the most obvious lifts: the city-wide plague, snarling militaristic aristos, brothel level and ‘swoop’ mechanic that lets you traverse short distances in a hurry have all been clearly Thieved from its superior implementations. But there are also strange third-person pipe-climbing segments, to remind you how far you are from playing Uncharted, and a whole roster of other FPS clichés to test the patience, including a segment where you have to spin wheels to turn off flame-spewing pipes that block the way down a corridor."

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