"Cameos recalling the instructions of Dame Whiteridge, the elder stateswoman of the Dayport Women's Society. Dame Whiteridge was renowned for her strict and unswerving insistence on fashion and etiquette among The City's ladies."

The Constant LadyEdit

Whiteridge's Duty - The Constant Lady

"It is the duty of all ladies in public to maintain their presentability to their gentlemen."

The Virtuous LadyEdit

Whiteridge's Duty - The Virtuous Lady

"For the pale skin of the virtuous, one must don a mask of arsenic and zinc."

The Porcelain LadyEdit

Whiteridge's Duty - The Porcelain Lady

"To keep teeth white, one should treat them daily with a mixture distilled from the coca plant."

The Observant LadyEdit

Whiteridge's Duty - The Observant Lady

"For wide, innocent eyes beloved of gentlemen, a few drops of belladonna will delight."

The Statuesque LadyEdit

Whiteridge's Duty - The Statuesque Lady

"To keep one's figure trim and healthy, fasting and tight corsetry are a must."

The Burnished LadyEdit

Whiteridge's Duty - The Burnished Lady

"For shining hair of perfectly straight aspect, heat irons in the fire until scalding, then apply."

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